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New Old Traditions: Ways to Welcome In the New Year You Might Not Know

November 13, 2018 | By Ana Elliot

New Year’s Eve – the big, sparkly end to the end of the holiday season. It's the big “bang” to cap off one year and start the next!

New Year’s Celebrations can range from big parties, spending a quiet night in with friends, or even standing in a crowd to watch fireworks. If you find that your New Year’s celebrations have gotten stale, you might want to try some new “old” traditions to help spice up your New Year’s Eve.

New Year Traditions that Bring Wealth

In that spirit, we’ve collected a list of New Year’s Eve traditions you can get inspiration from. We’ve got all sorts of traditions! Ones for bringing travels, some for greater wealth, and others that can help you start the New Year on strong footing.

Tell Your Future

Different cultures have different New Year Traditions specifically for predicting the future of your year. In Finland, they drop molten tin into water and then predict the nature of their year based on the shape the tin makes when it hardens.

Similarly, in El Salvador, they read an egg dropped into a cup of water at midnight. The next morning, you crack them open and read the shapes in the eggs. In both instances, you can foretell marriage or increased wealth.

Good Luck for You

There are lots of traditions for good luck. In Spain, people eat 12 grapes for each toll of the clock leading to midnight. Each grape is good luck for another month. People also eat anchovies or black-eyed peas.

In Scotland, another way to ensure good luck for the year is for a tall good-looking person bearing gifts to be the first to cross the threshold of your home after midnight. Some also say you should jump off a chair at the stroke of midnight.

In South America, they wear special underwear to get good luck in specific things: red for love or yellow for money.

Scare Away Bad Spirits and Juju

One important part of New Year traditions is starting the year in the right emotional space, and one way to do that is to chase away bad spirits!

Some people open windows and bang pots to scare out the old year and welcome in the new. Some people will run their taps at 12 am on New Year’s for similar purposes. In Denmark, friends and family will throw old plates at doors to scare away bad spirits.

Start the New Year Right

So, on top of all of those traditions, why not try something a little more concrete? What about a good house cleaning? While Spring Cleaning might be a thing, there is no reason not to give your home a deep clean in light of the New Year.

You can clean out your closet or tackle all those chores you’ve been putting off for the year, so you can start the New Year on solid footing!

You can also start a savings account and deposit some money to start your New Year with your money in focus. These might sound “New Year’s Resolutions-y” and that is because they kind of are!

People love to talk smack about New Year's resolutions, but they are a great way to create goals. Avoid resolutions that are simple win or lose (“Don’t eat any cake” and the like) and try more long-term goals that allow for setbacks.

How Will You Celebrate This New Year?

So, there you have it! A few interesting new traditions you might want to add to your celebration this year! Whether it’s in finances or in love, we hope your New Year starts with a bang and goes strong from there! And why not check out one of our payday loans in case you need a little extra financial push to get there? Happy Holidays, and a Happy New Year!