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Quaint And Festive Christmas Towns In SC To Visit

South Carolina is a perfect place to spend your Christmas. The state gets its fill of Christmas festivities during this season, so if you’re trying to find the best Christmas towns in SC, you are destined to find a town that suits you and gets you in the holiday spirit.

We prepared a list of towns that are full of Christmas cheer, lights, and more, and you certainly will not want to miss out on their activities. Let’s dive right into the Christmas activities these South Carolina towns offer. Plus, we will show you how to have a stress-free time during the holidays knowing that any sudden emergency can be handled with a carolina payday loans sc.

9 Best Christmas Towns In SC

1. Rock Hill

By most definitions, Rock Hill is one of the best Christmas towns in SC. The city kicks off the holiday season by hosting an annual ChristmasVille in Rock Hill festival and party. During this festival, the Old Town is turned into a Christmas Wonderland, complete with lights, Santa, and more.

2. Greenwood

Greenwood is another impressive South Carolina city that takes Christmas seriously. Main Street is decorated with hundreds and thousands of lights, especially around the trees. Before the lighting of the trees, there is even a Main Street party that leads up to the tree lighting.

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3. Charleston

About every aspect and area of Charleston is covered in lights and holiday cheer this time of year. The historic homes and streets are typically adorned with traditional Christmas decorations, whereas James Island often has the Holiday Festival of Lights that children love.

4. Newberry

Newberry is a picturesque and quaint South Carolina town, no matter the time of year. During Christmas, the town kicks things up a notch with traditional lights and decorations. The town’s crowning Christmas achievement is the giant Christmas bulb that is often used as the scene for family Christmas pictures.

5. Aiken

Aiken is another picturesque town in the state. Starting the morning of Thanksgiving, the town is thrust into a whirlwind of holiday cheer and activity. The Hitchcock Woods area, which is one of the largest urban parks in the area, is graced with the annual Blessing of the Hounds. Elsewhere in the town, there are carriages, Christmas lights, and thousands of candles.

6. Greenville

Greenville is one of the biggest fans of Christmas lights. You can see thousands of lights at Roper Mountain, but there are iconic private lights all throughout the city too. Simply driving around Greenville will get you in the spirit in no time.

7. Myrtle Beach

Even though Myrtle Beach is one of the most popular destinations in the summer, it is one of the best Christmas towns in SC too. There are tons of events and shows at Myrtle’s Broadway at the Beach. You can also check out the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk for other Christmas cheer and activities.

8. Columbia

Columbia is loaded with holiday activities, making it one of the best Christmas towns in SC. There is an annual tree lighting, an ice rink on Main, and even Holiday Lights on the River, all of which are suitable for the whole family!

9. Spartanburg

Last but not least is Spartanburg. Spartanburg is a unique town because it has a much more historic approach to Christmas. Instead of flashy lights, Spartanburg is home to a Dickens of a Christmas, which is inspired by the author Charles Dickens. The street festival begins on December 1st, but you can have carriage rides and ice-skating fun for the days and weeks after.

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Your Magical Christmas In SC Awaits

With so much to offer, South Carolina can make Christmas a magical time for you and your family. All without costing you too much money.

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