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How Living With Less Can Give You More

Have you ever thought about living with less, but have always been too afraid to actually follow through on it? It's a scary proposition: to depart from a majority of your clothes, jewelry, furniture, belongings, memories... all in the hopes of what? Having a cleaner home?

Being comfortable is important. But being stagnant, locked living life with belongings that no longer serve a clear purpose in our lives is deadly. No one wants to live in fear, so why not live with fewer things?

Take the leap and get rid of that old coat you got years ago. Live your life free of the things that have been holding you back all this time. It may be difficult at first, but these 5 ways are just some things you gain when you are living with less! 

A Compact Lifestyle

When's the last time you or a close friend has moved? It is always an ordeal - renting a moving van, figuring out how to lower a couch 4 stories, and breaking your back moving that far too heavy coffee table. We've all been there and understand how time-consuming, draining, and stressful it is.

But it doesn't have to be like that once you embrace living a compact lifestyle. Packing your things up and moving is so much easier, and rewarding when you have fewer things to uproot. You'll be one with the wind, able to move freely without any restraints shackling you down like before.

Peace Of Mind

A cluttered room makes for a cluttered mind. So no wonder having a messy house with things you no longer even recognize can drive us all crazy!

With fewer items, that means fewer things for you to keep track of, sort, and organize. And, in general, it's fewer things for you to worry about. You'll be amazed by how less stressed you are when you no longer have to carry the burden of having an overstocked home. There will be less to clean, and you'll be able to find things so much quicker as well.

And all those memories we hide in loose belongings around our home, we can finally forget them when we get rid of them! No more being tied to the past, and instead, we can look forward to the future.


Having too many items can make a room, home, and life feel crowded. We don't want ourselves to look like we have too much on our plate. So why do we feel the need to do that to our homes?

It looks much cleaner and presentable when there are fewer items cluttering our rooms; and instead, replaced by powerful pieces that take up less room but command all the more attention. Empty space does not necessarily mean empty life; on the contrary, it represents a choice and control to show what our homes look like without meaningless items covering it.

You will learn to appreciate the minimalist design of your home quickly – and so will all your guests.

More Savings

You don’t need an economics degree to understand when we buy fewer things, we have more money in the bank. So the faster we decide that enough is enough, get rid of needless clutter, and restrict needless purchases, the faster we can begin saving.

And that savings can go to things that will bring you much more joy than clothes or furniture, such as a vacation. Even when you do need to buy new items, the savings will give the power to buy nicer things – instead of buying 20 lesser-quality things.


Our last way of living less can give you more is simple. The fewer items in your life, the more you value the people and things you do have. Life is not defined by the things you have around you, but the moments you live through and the people you live them with.

Don't let your clutter dominate your life. Learn to live with less and the value you extract from each item will be infinitely more.

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Live The Most Of Life By Having Less

If you’ve ever thought of living a more minimalist lifestyle, it is completely possible! And you can clearly see how living with less can actually give you more – even when it comes to your savings! So go ahead and see if the minimalist lifestyle suits you.

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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