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How Many Payday Loans Can You Have at Once in SC?

Residents of South Carolina like yourself who are under financial duress might consider getting a payday loan. However, the question, "how many payday loans can you have at one time?" arises in the minds of the masses who've recently acquired one. 

In today's discussion, we will uncover the number of outstanding payday loans you can hold at a time before perusing the other approval requirements.

How Many Active Payday Loans Can You Have At One Time?

You will be pleased to know that the answer to your "how many payday loans can you have at once" query is a simple one — you can only have one payday loan at a time in South Carolina. 

Therefore, you must pay off your current payday loan before trying to obtain another one. As per Carolina laws, we can't accept a payday loan application if you already have one outstanding.

What Do You Need To Get Payday Loans In SC?

Other than understanding that the answer to your question is one, there are a few things you need to get a payday loan from us in South Carolina. The three items are as follows:

  • Government-issued photographic ID — Your driver's license is probably the easiest way to satisfy this requirement. However, you don't need to drive to qualify for a payday loan, so you can pick from the following identification types instead:
    • A United States of America passport
    • A United States of America passport card
    • A United States of America non-driver's ID card
    • A United States of America student ID card
    • A United States of America military ID card
    • A United States of America military dependent ID card
  • Blank check — The blank check must be from an open and active checking account in your name. We can't offer payday loans to people who use an account open in somebody else's name.
  • Most recent pay stub — We use your most recent pay stub to determine whether you can afford to repay the loan. But since you don't need to be employed to receive a payday loan, you can use your pension documents, unemployment benefits, or social security instead.

The nature of payday loans means you don't need to hold a perfect or even a good credit score. We accept people from all walks of financial life, meaning you can gain approval with a great or terrible credit history. Here at Carolina Payday Loans, Inc., we recognize that credit scores can fluctuate through no fault of your own; thus, we don't penalize you for it. 

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Our Payday Loans In SC Process

Once you have gathered all the required documents, you are ready to begin the payday loan process. Our lenders guide you through every step, ensuring you're comfortable and knowledgeable at every turn. 

The in-person part takes just half an hour, and you will get the money you need to fund your emergency in as little as 24 hours. Just follow the six simple steps below:

  1. Firstly, submit the quick online inquiry form found on this website. Make sure you're accurate when answering the questions; otherwise, the process will take longer than necessary.
  2. Then, one of our loan associates from your nearest Carolina Payday Loans, Inc. location will give you a call to discuss the process, ensure you have the required items, and answer any questions you have about the loan.
  3. Bring the documents we discussed in the previous section to your nearest Carolina Payday Loans, Inc. branch.
  4. A friendly loan representative will greet you before analyzing your documents to determine the amount of money you qualify for.
  5. Afterward, they will explain the final steps of the process and ask for your signature. If you have any other questions, now is the best time to ask them. Our loan associate will be happy to clear up your concerns. 
  6. Finally, you get the money you need on the same or the very next bank business day.

Submit Your Inquiry For Payday Loans In SC Right Now!

While it's only natural to consider getting multiple payday loans in SC when you're in a tricky financial situation, taking on an additional monetary obligation is rarely the answer.

Make sure you are only using payday loans for emergencies like paying medical bills, funding urgent travel costs, or avoiding late fees on overdue bills. You should never use them for impulse purchases, frivolous spending, or shopping sprees. You don't need a payday loan if it's not a dire crisis. 

So, if you are sure you need a payday loan for the right reason, pay off any current ones before completing our quick and easy online request form. Your information goes directly to your preferred Carolina Payday Loans, Inc. store for one of our friendly representatives to pick up.

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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