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How to Save Up Money and Get Ahead ASAP

To get ahead in life you need to build a financially stable environment. That will allow you to deal with emergencies without scrambling for cash, make bolder decisions in your career, and generally live better by cutting down on stress.

And to build a financially stable environment you need to know how to save up money. And the money-saving tips below will help you do that.

1. Pay Yourself First

Here’s how to save up money: prioritize saving. You save first and everything else comes second.

And the easiest way to do that is to automate your savings. Have a set percentage of your paycheck automatically go into a savings account as soon as it comes in.

Treat it like a pay cut, and budget for everything else with what’s left.

2. Set Up a Budget Prioritizing Savings

To manage your money – and thus save money better - you’ll need a budget. Figure out what the bare bones of your monthly expenses are (the rent, utilities, basic groceries, gas, etc.) before you automate your savings.

After that’s done, take your “pay cut”. Calculate what percentage of your paycheck you could give up to the point of being in a slightly uncomfortable, but manageable situation. Then you can start slowly increasing the amount of cash for each line of expense with whatever money’s left, as well as budgeting for the “wants”.

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3. Cut the Unnecessary Spending

Take a good look at your bank transactions and cut everything that you don’t need (you can start adding some of it back after you’ve cut down the budget to bare-bones).

Things like takeout/eating out, cable, multiple subscription services, premium apps you can exchange for free ones, cigarettes and alcohol (did you know smokers’ insurance usually costs more than non-smokers? That’s another tip for how to save up money in the long run!) – should all be on the chopping block.

4. Give Yourself an Allowance

Making the budget too rigid and not giving yourself any money to spend on things you enjoy is a surefire way to fail.

Instead, budget for things you want – just make sure it’s not a priority in the budget. Ideally, only around 20% of your income should be going to the wants, and everything else that doesn’t go to necessary expenses should be going to savings.

For example, you should budget eating out once a week – instead of making it an everyday affair.

5. Know What You’re Saving For

It’s good to learn how to save up money. More than good, in this day and age it’s paramount for financial stability to learn how to save up money.

But it’s no less important to know what you’re saving for in any given moment of your life.

Your first aim should be a well-funded emergency fund. That means having 6 months’ worth of your expenses (including your debt payments) in a high-yield savings account. But after that, most financial experts agree, keeping cash in savings is losing you money.

After setting up your emergency fund, your savings should be divided into two:

  1. Sinking funds for short-term goals (vacations, planned medical expenses, holidays, etc.);
  2. Retirement and investment for long-term goals.

And, do keep in mind, learning how to save up money is, unfortunately, just the beginning. Actually, saving money will take time – so be diligent, stick to the budget, and do try to deal with any unexpected expenses that come your way without adding to your financial obligations.

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Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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