tips for saving money on groceries

9 Ridiculously Easy Tips For Saving Money On Groceries

Making sure that you make use of tips for saving money on groceries can leave you with a lot of extra money. Ask yourself: how much are you paying for groceries? The short answer: probably more than you need to.

That’s why we prepared this list of must-follow tips for saving money on groceries to cut your expenses by hundreds of dollars. We will even cover how getting a payday loan online can help you during a time of need.

The Best And Easiest Tips For Saving Money on Groceries

1. Make A List

It’s one of the most basic tips for saving money on groceries, but we almost always forget to do it. A list stops you from forgetting something important or buying something you don’t need. It also prevents you from ending up with a lot of items that don’t really go along with other groceries you bought.

2. Bring A Pocket Calculator

You can quickly compute a product’s cost per ounce or pound, which is very useful when you’re comparing two brands or deciding what size to get. Some stores will even save you the need to do this and they will list their prices by the ounce.

By having a pocket calculator, you can also quickly compute the cost of everything in your cart—no surprises at checkout!

3. Shop At The Right Time

Here’s one of the best tips for saving money on groceries: you can score the best deals if you shop on a Wednesday morning. Most supermarkets restock on Thursday or Friday so that there are new items ready by the weekend when most people shop.

To make room for new stocks, they are likely to place old, slow-moving goods on sale by Tuesday or Wednesday. And if you get there in the morning, you’ll be able to get the good stuff before anyone else.

4. Go DIY

One of the best tips for saving money on groceries can actually save the Earth, too! Instead of buying commercial household cleaning products, go DIY! Make natural alternatives that use cheap materials like bleach, vinegar, baking soda, or lemon peels.

5. Know When To Buy In Bulk

Bulk goods are definitely cheaper, but they only make sense if you use that item often and would buy it anyway. Be sure to check expiry dates, too.

avoid pre-prepared food

6. Skip Pre-Prepared Food 

Those salad sets that come with dressing will always be more expensive than buying fresh lettuce (you can’t even say that it saves you time, because how long will it take to chop a few veggies?). And it’s also useful for saving money to focus on vegetables that are in season. So for example, if tomatoes are in season, it makes more sense to make your own fresh marinara sauce than buying bottled sauce.

7. Scan All The Shelves

A former supermarket employee shared one of the best tips for saving money on groceries! Supermarkets put the most expensive items on the shelf that’s at eye level because they know people will reach for them automatically. So, always scan the top and bottom shelves for cheaper alternatives.

8. Choose A Cheaper Grocery Store

Do you shop at a grocery store because it’s close and convenient to go? We understand—time is money, too! But neighborhood supermarkets often have higher prices, since they sell lower volumes.

Here’s one of the best tips for saving money on groceries: go to a large supermarket chain that is known for cheaper goods, but shop for one month’s worth of supplies. It helps your budget in two ways: you spend less on products, and you can strictly control your expenses.

People are more likely to overspend during frequent trips because they add extra products to the cart. They also don’t notice how those small purchases add up. Making one trip a month gives you a complete picture of your total household spending.

9. Buy Generic Or House Brands

According to Consumer Spending reports, the store brands are usually 25% lower than brand names and are pretty similar in terms of quality. So, for staples like salt, flour, toilet paper, etc. just get the cheapest you can find. And if you’re loyal to a brand, ask yourself: “Does it really have a special benefit that’s worth paying extra, or is it just marketing hype?”

What If I’m Running Low On Cash?

These grocery shopping tips can help lower monthly expenses and help your paycheck last longer. However, when you’re low on cash and a financial emergency strikes, hoarding supermarket coupons may not help. What can you do?

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