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4 Tips for Spooky Savings for a Last-Minute Halloween

September 22, 2018 | By Louis Tully

Oh no – Halloween’s already here! But don’t scream just yet. If you’re late to the pumpkin party, there’s still time to make it a frightfully fun Halloween for you and the kids, too. You don’t have to search for “payday loans” to make it happen either. Use these 4 tips for a fast, affordable, and fun Halloween.

Save on Your Hallow-Eats

We all know Halloween is more about treats than nutrition. So, don’t sweat the meal planning; it’s not Thanksgiving yet. In fact, there are plenty of places you could hit up this time of year for a low-cost (even free) meal on Halloween:

  • McAlister’s Deli: Kids in costume eat FREE the week of Halloween (2 meals per adult entrée).
  • Chipotle: Anyone who shows up in costume will get a burrito, bowl, salad or an order of tacos for just $3 from 3 pm to close.
  • IHOP: IHOP is giving away their signature buttermilk pancakes topped off with spooky face made up of Oreos, candy corn, whipped cream and a strawberry. The offer is good on Halloween until 10 pm.
  • Baskin Robbins: Get a scoop of ice cream for just $1.31.

Shop Clearance

Just because Halloween got away from you this year doesn’t mean you can’t take this as an opportunity to better prepare for next year. Come November 1st, all Halloween items will be on clearance to make room for Christmas. Now’s your chance to stock up for next year’s Halloween. You could save big on costumes, candy, decoration, shirts and even accessories. You spend a little money now, but you‘ll be all set for next year’s Spooktacular!

Print a Stencil Online for Pumpkin Carving

If you held off on buying a pumpkin, now’s a good time to pick one up. Pumpkins are getting pretty cheap right about now. Most people wait until Halloween or the night before to carve pumpkins anyway, so you’re just in time to make a spooky impression. Find a free pumpkin-carving stencil online. Here’s a few places to find them:

Make the Costume

Who says you have to spend $50 on a costume? Making your own costume is a better option for multiple reasons:

  • It’s cheaper – It goes without saying that making your own costume is a lot cheaper than buying one at the store. Challenge yourself to piece something together using only what you have. You’ll be surprised what you might come up with!
  • You get to show off your creative side – We all have a creative side. A little imagination goes a log way here. Use it to piece together an outfit that you can wear proudly Halloween night.
  • It’s fun! – Making your costume is an opportunity for you to tap back into your arts-and-crafts days from yesteryear and exercise your creativity. You’ll feel like a kid again!
  • Get in more quality time with the family – What better way to get in some time with the kids than costume-making? The kids will have a blast helping you dig through the closet and playing dress up.
  • The sky’s the limit – The beauty of making your own costume is that you’re not limited to choosing whatever the store has. You can make a costume that’s completely original and totally you.

You don’t have to spend too much to enjoy the holidays, especially one as light-hearted as Halloween. If money has become a recent struggle for you, take these tips to heart and remember that any holiday is about the time you spend with the people you love and you always have the option to get a South Carolina payday loan. By just changing a few habits, you can spend less and still have fun all throughout the year.