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5 Cheap Ideas to Show Your Kindness on World Kindness Day (November 13th)

November 9, 2018 | By Daniel Dewitt

The world is an undeniably tough place; wouldn’t it be nice for there be one day reserved for being kind to each other?

World Kindness Day

Well, there is, and that day is November 13th. Though you may not have heard of it, World Kindness Day rolls around every November 13th and is a day dedicated to celebrating and being kind to all those around us.

To make the most of the day, here are 5 ideas of how to show the world you care.


In today’s economy, we’re all strapped for cash (and if you are, you should check out a payday loan), there’s always someone lower on the financial ladder who’d be grateful for what you take for granted.

That by no means suggests that you should feel guilty for what you have, but it does mean that you should consider giving back a little this World Kindness Day.

It doesn’t have to be a lot, but even just a few dollars donated to a local charity can help out more than you think. Especially if we all chip in a little, small contributions can add up into big results.


How much is a smile worth? More than you think, actually. Studies have shown that smiling for at least thirty seconds, no matter how fake the smile may feel at first, will improve your mood and make you feel more optimistic about life.

It also has an effect on those around you, making them feel more comfortable, and often making them smile back. Smiling is, in fact, contagious!


In our society today we spend so much time working and managing the emergency that is everyday life that often people we really value slip away. Is there someone in your life you’ve been meaning to call for the last few months but just haven’t got to?

Maybe someone you know you should make a date to hang out with, but are avoiding? Or maybe someone who you used to be close to but have just drifted apart from? This November 13th take part of the day to reconnect with whoever that person is.

Give a Compliment

We’re also caught up in our own heads that sometimes we forget that other people can’t read our minds. One of the side-effects is that too often we don’t let other people know how much we appreciate or admire them.

This November 13th, carve out a few seconds to pay a compliment to someone you see every day. Tell them their hair looks nice or you’re impressed with how good they are at their jobs. A compliment always brightens someone’s day, and that’s the goal of World Kindness Day.

Do A Favor

They say actions speak louder than words, and if you subscribe to that school of thought, then instead of paying someone a compliment, why not ask if there’s anything you can do for them on November 13th?

Something as simple as doing the dishes or babysitting for an hour can be a huge help to a friend or family member, and improve their day.