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6 Easy and Cheap Easter Activities for the Family

April 8, 2019 | By Emma Frost

Easter is almost upon us once again, and families throughout South Carolina are making plans to host friends and family for dinner, hunt eggs and eat chocolate bunnies.

While the holiday can get expensive, the good news is you don’t have to take out a South Carolina payday loan or spend too much green on baskets of Easter grass or egg-dye kits this year to have fun with the kiddies.

Easy Ways to Avoid Paying Egg-stra This Easter 

Few events are better suited for arts and crafts quite like the holidays. So, if you’re looking for the perfect excuse for breaking out your paint, paper, and paste, check out these easy DIY tricks to have more bunny for less money this Easter.

DIY Egg Dye

You don’t need to rely on prepackaged egg dyeing kits and those little chemical tablets to bring some beautiful colors to your Easter celebration. If you have food coloring and vinegar in your cupboard, you already have everything you need to mix your own egg dye for next to nothing. You can also use other household items like coffee grounds, red wine, or even blueberries for more natural pigment sources that won’t cost you a penny.

Crafty Crosses

Want to celebrate the “reason for the season” this Easter? Try some cross-themed crafts to get your little ones in the true spirit of the holiday. Here are just a few fun cross crafts to try at home:

  • “Paid-in-Full” Cross - Start with a cardboard or wooden cross, arrange your coins and start gluing for a little handmade reminder of the Christian message behind the holiday.
  • “Rays of Light” Cross – Start by making a cross on card stock with blue painter’s tape, use the pastel crayons to trace the outline of the cross in all sorts of vibrant colors, and push the colorful pigments away from the cross with your finger tips to create the effect of rays of light, and when you remove the painter’s tape, you’ll be left with a gleaming white cross surrounded by color.
  • “Stained-Glass” Cross – Start by taking a piece of card stock, folding it in half, cutting a large cross out of it, and then cutting that so only the outline remains. Layer different colored pieces of tissue paper evenly in your cross and apply it to some contact paper to hold it all together. The final product is a beautiful ornament that catches the light with a stunning stained-glass-effect.

Get Things Cooking

Are your children your favorite little helpers in the kitchen? A Mt. Pleasant payday loan could help you set a few extra places at the table for Easter dinner, but nothing replaces those priceless moments together that make those priceless holiday memories we remember forever.

Teach your kids how to make deviled eggs this spring, and incorporate these delicious Easter hors d'oeuvres a part of your family traditions.

Deviled egg recipes are available online, and putting an Easter spin on this crowd-pleaser is easy and fun as a family. Once the eggs are hard boiled and peeled, cut them lengthwise and scoop out the yolks for your little ones to mix into the delicious filling.

Then you return the filling into the halved egg whites, and cut little beaks and eyes out of baby carrots and black olives to make the cutest little deviled egg chicks you’ve ever seen.


Easter is full of fun, rich imagery that really lends itself to crafting, and the Easter Bunny is front and center in the celebrating. If you want to try something new with your little bunnies this Easter, why not give the ancient Japanese art of origami a try?

Check online for a pattern for “origami bunny boxes” – they’re adorable, just the right size for your jelly beans, and the perfect Easter décor for your home.

Easter Games

The classic egg hunt is an Easter staple, but why not throw a seasonal spin on other favorite party games? Spending more cash doesn’t equate to having “egg-stra” fun; pin the tail on the bunny is as simple as a blindfold, a bunny cut out, some tape, and a few cotton balls. You can find hundreds of ideas online, from Easter Bingo to fun puzzles and coloring pages.

Basket Decorating

Skip the plastic baskets and stop by the dollar store or your local crafts store for an inexpensive wicker basket instead. Wicker baskets are made from natural and renewable materials, and are great craft projects that will last for many an Easter to come.

You and your kids can paint and decorate your baskets with crafting materials to make them true one-of-a-kind works of art. You don’t even have to spend money on Easter grass - just use an office shredder on some leftover wrapping paper to stuff your basket with colorful filling that doesn’t cost a dime.

How Will You Save More This Easter?

A DIY approach can help you avoid overspending and save more money than you might expect. What kinds of fun holiday crafts and activities do you and your little ones enjoy celebrating with? Try some of these fun crafts and activities this year, and get more bunny for less money this Easter.