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Getting in the Green For Saint Patrick’s Celebrations

March 4, 2019 | By Mason Roberts

Typically, people celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by wearing green, having decorative shamrocks everywhere, and drinking a lot.

However, there’s more to this holiday than these popular symbols and traditions. Here are a few fun facts about St. Paddy’s Day that you might not have known:

  • It used to be an alcohol-free holiday.
  • It wasn’t until 1970 that Ireland incorporated alcohol into the holiday.
  • The shamrock’s three-leafs are a religious metaphor for the Holy Trinity.
  • St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, was actually British and his color was light blue.
  • The saint was captured as a teenager and enslaved in Ireland before escaping and returning to England.

For some, they may be planning to go to a St. Paddy’s Day party, while for others, they may need to work in order to make ends meet, so this St. Patrick’s Day, if you are one of the many in the latter situation, here are three ways to get in the green:

Sell Your Homemade Goods or Services

Do you have any hidden talents? If you have a bankable hobby like making crafts, jewelry, or clothing, try setting up a stand at flea markets, and swap meets, or online by opening an Etsy shop or listing your items on Craigslist.

If you have some services that you can provide, try setting up your own free website to advertise your expertise.

If you have any skills that allow you to consult, freelance, or make extra money from your body of knowledge, go for it. You can make it a part-time gig and if it starts flourishing, it could possibly give you the freedom to quit your day job.

Create a Blog

Have something to write about? Maybe you are an expert in your field and can help others benefit from your background. Or maybe you have a lot to say about a very specific topic (cooking, sports, parenting, fashion, etc.).

If so, you can build a community and even earn a little bit of money by getting pay per clicks or affiliate networking.

Minimize Your Stuff

If you are like most people, you have plenty of items stored away in your home that you have either forgotten or grown tired of. Perhaps you never liked some of your possessions in the first place, like a well-intentioned gift from a friend or relative.

If that’s the case, you should unburden yourself and sell those items to those who actually have a need for them. There are quite a few possibilities for doing this, whether via a yard sale, on Craigsist, on eBay, or an app like LetGo and OfferUp.

How to Find Your Pot of Gold

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